1. did-you-kno:


    He should have stuck with the axe polishing.

  2. iamnotlessperfectthanlore:


    Hey Monster

    I need those Ripley and Janeway ones

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  5. phene-thyla-mine:

    Fun with Kirk and Spock by Robb Pearlman and Gary Shipman

    Can be purchased here

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  6. ilexih:

    Love him! Adan Canto plays Sunspot on x-men days of future past.

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  8. vispreeve:

    Adan Canto | "Mixology"

    I’m kinda in love with Sunspot

  9. meandmystupidmouth:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand more Adan!

    You’re welcome :)

  10. andredarkholme:

    A vantagem de brincar com fogo é que  aprendes a não te queimar.

  11. the—hot—list:

    Adan Canto

  12. sams-artistic-magic:

    "Sunspot & Quicksilver". Here are two more characters from X-Men: Days of Future Past movie. I drew these both using colored Sharpie markers. I will post more characters soon.

  13. The Munsters, 1960s

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